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Patients want to track their health on the mobile too …


• The Diabetic is interested in tracking his Sugar, HBA1C & renal parameter

•  The homemaker wants to lose weight & monitor her Lipids & Vitamins

•  The Thyroid patient wants to keep a watch on her TSH, T3, T4 levels

•  The Dengue patient wants to see if his Platelet levels are going up


Get on their Mobile

Stay connected with your Patients & Improve Repeat Business

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Deliver your Reports directly on the HealthLeaf App – make sure your brand is NOT lost in the patient’s file or email.


Join the Patient Engagement program -> Stand out and be connected on their App.


btw, we do NOT encourage comparison shopping like JustDial, Practo and others. Patients come to you for accurate Results, so we focus on their relationship with you.


Pay only for SMS to notify Patients about their Reports and continue the relationship on their App while saving Paper & Printing costs.

Increase Repeat Business from Chronic Patients by 7% or more

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