Patients visit the Doc

do Tests

take Meds

but they can’t see if they are going in the right direction

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Patients are interested in seeing their progress & improving their Health

The Diabetic is interested in tracking his Sugar, HBA1C & renal parameters

The homemaker wants to lose weight & monitor her Lipids & Vitamins

The Thyroid patient wants to keep a watch on her TSH, T3, T4 levels

The Dengue patient wants to see if his Platelet levels are going up

Without these parameters you are grappling in the dark

   Get key markers from Patients Reports with our API

Help Users in their Health journey -> win their trust & loyalty

    Drive Doctor’s visits, Med purchases, engagement & your LTV

Use the markers to Analyze, Co-relate, Guide, Personalize, Visualize & more


Call +91.7774002740 or Email to set-up an Account and try the API today


Integrate the HealthLeaf API in a couple of days & get more from your scanned or PDF Reports.


No worries about the varying formats, conventions, Unit of Measures across labs – we take care of the complex stuff so you don’t mix Apples & Oranges



  1. Create an Account & get an API key
  2. Register a callback to get discrete data from your Reports


  1. Call the extractData web-Service with the PDF or Image from any Lab or Hospital

hl_id = extractData (

 clientReportId  /* Your id to identify this Report */

 reportObject,   /* The Report body */

 mimeType,      /*  PDF, jpg, png */

 reportType,     /* Pathology  */


  1. Get the extracted markers as a JSON in your callback. Process the Data – save it, notify, show progression, analyze, guide, personalize and do more with it.

JSON Data, normalized across labs – that you can start using immediately


    “status”: “Success”,

    “contents”: {

        “reportId”: 9989,

         “reportDate”: “2015-03-28”,

         “analytes”: [


                “name”: “Hemoglobin”,

                “value”: “11.10”,

                “unitOfMeasure”: “gms/dl”



                “name”: “Blood Sugar – Fasting”

                “value”: “78”,

                “unitOfMeasure”: “mg/dl”







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